Travel Guide Nuquí

Land of culture, adventure and nature

Travel Guide Nuquí

Nuquí is a paradise in the middle of the Chocoan coast where the jungle is in harmony with the wide Pacific Ocean. Nuquí is an exotic destination located on the Colombian Pacific coastideal for lovers of nature and the tranquility of amazing scenery. It is a place that shines for the natural wealth of flora and faunaIt also offers an ideal environment to disconnect from city life and relax.


Residents of Nuquí

Nuquí is inhabited by two ethnic groups that are very representative of our country: the afroIt is also a region inhabited by the indigenous people, who are descendants of slaves from Africa and who saw this small paradise with the possibility of developing a fishing and tourism economy. It is also a region inhabited by the Embera, indigenous with settlements in the Colombian Pacific

What to do in Nuquí?

Travel Guide Nuquí

Multiple activities you can do in this paradise. Due to the strong winds in the Pacific Ocean, Nuquí is a perfect place for surf lovers; allowing you to connect at the same time with mother earth and the immense sea.

Between the months of July and October humpback whales or humpbacks. Perfect time for the sighting of these giants of nature and the practice of snorkeling, which allows you to observe an underwater ecosystem full of corals, dolphins and turtles.

Another favorite activity to do in Nuquí is sport fishing. The species that stand out the most are dorado fish, sailfish, blue marlin, and different species of tuna, sierras, snappers and bravos.

Nuquí is a place that allows you to connect at the same time with mother earth in a natural harmony and the immense sea that captivates you instantly.

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Nuquí, sea and jungle

Visit of Humpback Whales

To Nuquí, Colombia, come the admirers of indescribable spectacles, being the whale watching the most prized activity, because every year, from July to November, humpback whales visit Nuquí's beaches. A spectacle that takes place in a sea rich in plant and animal species, and in the midst of the wildlife that hides behind the lush vegetation of the tropical rainforest.

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How to get to Nuquí?

Travel Guide Nuquí

Only the airplanes and boats reach Nuquí, access by land is practically impossible. The Reyes Murillo Airport located at Nuquíreceives flights from Medellín y Quibdó. While by river, the journey takes about 20 hours by boat from the port of Buenaventura.

ColombiaTours.Travel offers you the possibility of enjoying a quiet rest, disconnecting from the urban chaos, where you can sharpen your senses appreciating the immensity of nature, while the big waves beat against the beach.

"Discover the biodiversity of the Colombian Pacific".

Unique Experiences

In this earthly paradise you can experience unique moments with all your senses. For example, take a tour in chingo (wooden boats made by the local inhabitants), We will take a river tour to observe the different types of mangroves and the diversity of flora and fauna.

Also, navigating the Joví River practicing kayaking or for artisanal fishing for sabaleta fish using masks and harpoons, even walk the Pichindé water trail, bathing in the refreshing warm waters of the waterfall of love or La Roñosa waterfall, a waterfall 30 meters high, in an environment of primary forest bordered by the Pacific coast.


Travel Guide Nuquí

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