Bahia Solano Travel Guide

If there is paradise: Bahia Solano

Bahia Solano It is a paradise located in the Colombian Pacific Coast. His sea full of riches, surrounded by waterfalls freshwater, vast tropical rainforests are a natural environment that you'll fall in love.

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The perfect destination

If you're a nature lover, Bahía Solano is the best choice. Mixing the beauty and exuberance of the jungle, mangroves, rivers and waterfalls with the beautiful beaches of the Colombian Pacific.

You can make guided walks and adventure-filled trips. You'll find great variety of birds, orchids and animals, whilst breathing in the scent of the forest.

For sports fans have the best activities. Perform sports or artisanal fishing, scuba diving or tank areas Reef and ships sunk.

Humpback whales

Reach the beautiful Bahía Solano humpback whales between the months of June and October.

The tropical waters of Colombia are conducive to the birth of the calves, who come in the bellies of the whales on a long journey from the South Pole.

Cetaceans today are choosing the Colombian Pacific less traumatic adaptation of their young to the immense Pacific Ocean.

Solano Bay - Whale Watching Plan - Choco Colombia - Bahia Solano-whales-yubartas-tourism-travel

How to get to Bahia Solano?

The paradisiacal Bahía Solano is reachable by air or sea.

Bahía Solano has the José Celestino Mutis Regional Airport, where there are daily flights Desdebogota, Quibdó, Medellín and Cali.

From the port of Buenaventura can be reached by sea, 24 hours by boat from cabotage.

In ColombiaTours.Travel We want you to know Bahia Solano, a paradise of incomparable beauty.

Recommendations for your trip

  • You can find humid and rainy areas in Bahia Solano. You'll need waterproof, light and comfortable clothing.
  • It is essential to use sunscreen, walking shoes in the middle of the jungle and long sleeves to protect yourself from bites in the middle of the forest.
  • Colombian authorities require that targets less than 2200 meters above sea level, is porte meat of vaccines including the most important one is yellow fever.
  • For whale watching it is essential to bring binoculars and cameras wide-angle lens to capture these unforgettable moments in the Pacific

Enjoy Pacific paradise.
Contact a local agent friend and the adventure begins.