Amazonas Travel Guide

The Amazon It is also known as the Lungs of the worldLocated south of Colombia is a territory covered by one jungle dense and one of the most biodiverse Planet Earth. Therefore it has an enormous forest, water and wealth fauna and flora. With rivers like the Apaporis, Caquetá, Putumayo and Amazon. Visit the Amazon It is ideal for a stroll in Kayak, Enter the Rainforest and learn about different species of animals.

Amazonas, a unique experience

An irrigated territory by the Amazon River, The most abundant, wide and deep the world, which houses their waters and multiple banks unique species in the world. In this splendid place is the Amazonian trapezium, Called this way because there are three borders: Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

Roots indigenous people of the Amazon

A place rich in historyWhere you can live with indigenous groups as the Ticuna, Huitoto, Camsas, Nukaks, Tucanos e Inga.Indigenous cultures that still preserve their ancestral customs and which allow visitors to meet their rituals, customs and beliefsTo live an unforgettable experience that also allows them to establish a close relationship with nature.

Amazon, a magical destination

Amazon It's him destination perfect for those who want to have direct contact with the Mother Earth. its spectacular River and dense jungle make this a destination not to be missed to get in tune with the natureIn a place where you can breathe the purest air in the world.

You can experience a unforgettable experience Surrounded by trees 35 meters high, which will make easier to get carried away by the sound of jungle on a beautiful night with a star-filled sky. The Amazon is a magical place where there is flora and fauna unique in the world. You can bird watching and get to know the beautiful pink dolphins who they inhabit its many waters. Also, you can enjoy the greatest of all water lilies.

A jungle full of life that tells stories of each of their species and in each of its locations.

"Discover the legends of the jungle in the Amazon«