Amazon Travel Guide

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The lungs of the world

Amazon Travel Guide

The Amazon is also known as the Lung of the World, located in the south of Colombia is a territory covered by a dense jungle and one of the most biodiverse places on Planet Earth. Therefore, it possesses an enormous wealth of forest, water, fauna and flora. 

With rivers such as the Apaporis, Caquetá, Putumayo and Amazon. Visiting the Amazon is ideal for a kayak ride, to go deep into the rainforest and meet different species of animals. In this guide we show you everything you need to know to go to this enchanting place.

Amazonas Biodiversa

Beautiful jungles and mountains

A territory irrigated by the Amazon Riverthe largest, widest and deepest in the world, which houses in its waters and multiple shores rare species in the world. In this splendid place you can find the Amazon TrapezeThis is the name given to the three borders: Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

How to get there?

Amazon Travel Guide

The best way to go to the Amazon is in aircraftby means of a flight that must be taken in Bogotá and that goes straight to the airport Vásquez Cobo in Leticia, which takes approximately two hours. It is also possible to go by boat from other municipalities following the rivers, but it is almost impossible to get there by land, since it takes about two hours. There are no good roads connecting to Leticia, although it is beneficial to conserve the territory.

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Indigenous roots in the Amazon

This is a place rich in history, where you will be able to live with indigenous groups like the TicunasHuitotosCamsásNukaksTucanos e Ingas. Indigenous cultures that still preserve their ancestral customs and that allow the visitor to learn about their rituals, customs and beliefs, to live an unforgettable experience that allows them to establish a close relationship with the nature

Culture, Biodiversity and Rainforest

Amazon is the perfect destination for you if you want to have direct contact with the Mother Earth. Its spectacular river and dense jungle make this an unmissable destination to get in tune with nature, in a place where you can breathe in the fresh air. the purest air in the world.

You will be able to live an unforgettable experience surrounded by 35-meter high trees, which will make it easier for you to let yourself be carried away by the sounds of the jungle on a beautiful night with a sky full of stars. The Amazon is a magical place where there are flora and fauna unique in the world. You can perform bird watching and get to know the beautiful pink dolphins that inhabit its plentiful waters. In addition, you can enjoy the largest of all water lilies.

A jungle full of life that tells stories of each of its species and in each of its places.

"Discover the legends of the jungle at the Amazon"

Amazon Travel Guide

Get inspired by the Amazon

Activities to do in the Amazon

Artisanal Fishing

Artisanal Fishing

It is a boat ride along the Amazon River in small lakes suitable for this activity.
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Pink Dolphin Sighting

Pink Dolphin Sighting

It is a unique species found in the Amazon and can reach more than 2 meters in length.
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Jungle hike

Jungle hike

You can tour the Amazon rainforest appreciating its flora, fauna and having a connection with nature.
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Tour in Leticia

Tour in Leticia

You can visit different places such as: The island of the monkeys, The Tanimboca nature reserve, the Etuena Biopark and the Mundo Amazónico ecological park.
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Amazon Travel Guide


  1. Apply the yellow fever vaccination 10 days before the trip and have your vaccination card ready.
  2. Pack comfortable and cool clothes, the heat and humidity in the area require it, if you are going to walk in the jungle try to wear high top shoes, it can be marsh boots.
  3. Drink only bottled water never from the faucet, it has great risk when consumed because it is not drinkable.
  4. Carry painkillersYou never know when a headache may appear.
  5. Pack repellent and sunscreen, but not in spray form, remember that this can affect the environment.
  6. Respect and care for the site and the communities. with whom you share and enjoy the experience to the fullest!

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