Colombia peace territory

Según la revista “The Economist”, Colombia se ha convertido en un territorio digno de visitar, destaca que el futuro del país debe incluir menos terrorismo y más ecoturismo.

Tourism for green lovers has become a potential that tourism companies are taking advantage of, day by day they attract more foreign tourists who come to watch birds, whales, live adventures in hidden places that were impossible at some point to visit for the presence of armed groups outside the Law.

The great effort that the national authorities have made to recover these territories, has allowed Colombia to become an attractive and peaceful destination, to provide security to its visitors when making tours of remote places.

According to the figures collected by The Economist magazine, tourism became the second source of income from abroad over coffee, bananas and flowers. Stressing in the same way that the signing of the peace agreement with the Farc has brought multiple benefits to the tourism industry, since this country has incomparable natural resources and a biodiversity worthy of admiration.

The publication also highlights the interest of Americans to visit the country, well above other ecological destinations such as Costa Rica.

This is how Colombia has opened the doors to tourists in departments as far away as Guanía and Putumayo, in previous times whipped by a terrible fear of violence. Similarly, ecotourism and sustainable tourism have been increasing in areas such as Huila and Magdalena.

There are also places that were not explored like the Beaches of Bethlehem in Norte de Santander; or the Chocoan coasts, which have stood out for being a paradise for those who wish to take a break and live a green adventure.

Colombia enjoys incredible tourism potential, which with the help of the Government can leave the country with large currencies.

Likewise, it has been entering a sustainable tourism trend, which obliges tour operators to choose their suppliers well, so that the environment of the host communities is not affected, employment is generated and kindness is preserved with the planet .

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  1. Edgar Romero Enciso August 2, 2017 Reply

    Our beautiful Colombia has beautiful
    Places that many do not know. It is time to become explorers of this beautiful country.

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