Is it safe to travel to Colombia?
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Is it safe to travel to Colombia? Here tips and recommendations for your trip to Colombia is Great - Colombia is sure

I want to star this article with a clear and direct premise: COLOMBIA IS A COUNTRY TO TRAVEL INSURANCE,this beautiful country for many years was the war focus: “guerrilleros” and “paramilitares”; after, the crib for drug trafficking and the common delinquency; but nowadays this history is different; the process in which Colombia had advance in the last 15 years has change radically the face of the country, no just in from of the world but also among their habitants.

We cannot deny that the history of the country has left deep scars in the Colombian society, but this has make the Colombians stronger, nicer, more conscious and even more happy people; we have learnt to face the adversity and move forward showing always the best of us and our country. For this reason, it is not free that everybody who comes to the country end up in love of everything, even the coffee with “aguapanela”.

Colombia is safe to travel

Knowing Colombia, is far from being dangerous, in the contrary is one of the funniest and dazzling experiences that you can live; because this country has save for years natural, historical and cultural treasures that makes this the chosen destiny for every adventure that wants to have an experience in another level.

In fact, today many travelers come from different parts of the world to know the Latin American jewel where you can find all kinds of activities to do; and that obviously has amazing destinies, among then you find: Santander, the touristic region for excellence; Coffee Region, the center of the coffee culture and the exuberant mountains; The Colombian Caribbean, with it endless beaches and spectacular islands to explore: The Amazon, the world’s lung; and well, the list is almost endless but these are basically the most appealing for the international travelers, definitely there is everything to do in the “Sabrosura” country.

Tips and recommendations to travel to Colombia.

Colombia is a really safe place to travel, but what you should have in mind is that you are travelling in a Sudamerican Country and as the other countries in the region you must take precautions, this is why is better to follow the popular adage: “No dar papaya”; and for this we have developed this post, to give you some advises and recommendations for you visit trough the spectacular Colombian.

Only visit safe zones

Is it safe to travel to Colombia? Here tips and recommendations for your trip to Colombia is Great - Colombia is safe
Is it safe to travel to Colombia? Here tips and recommendations for your trip to Colombia is Great - Colombia is safe

First of all not all the country is safe to travel for the outlanders, there are some areas in the country that must be avoid because you can find common delinquency, for example: the regions of Arauca, Cauca, Nariño, Putumayo and Chocó. If you still want to travel to these places, we suggest you to do it with a certificated travel agencies.

Precaution with your personal objects

First, do not be paranoid with this, but you must be careful with your cameras and cellphones; keep then with you and don’t use then in dangerous places; this doesn’t mean that you cannot take pictures in the street, you can do it but you must be alert in places with a lot of people and in the late night.

International safe insurance

Colombia has a good medical service with super competent doctors, but to access to this kind of services in a private way can be a little expensive, this is why is better before your trip to hire a medical insurance for international travelers; anything can happen, and is better to be insured and with more reason in a country you don’t know.

Vaccines to travel to Colombia

One of the necessary vaccines to visit Colombia is the Yellow fever vaccine, which is a viral, infectious, acute and severe disease, that you can prevent with this vaccine, it must be applied 10 days before the trip.

In Bogotá, you can go to any of the following points and ask for it: El Dorado Airport (Prehospitalaria), Bus Terminal, CAMI Suba, UPA Lorencita Villegas; UPA Candelaria la Nueva.

Others rather being more protected and apply another vaccines like the ones against Hepatitis A, against thyroid fevers and the pills against the malaria; the last one is only necessary if you are going to jungle zones.

How to move in Colombia?

Jeep - flight-paragliding - Apia - Ansermanuevo

Long distances:in this case we suggest you to take flights, these are not very expensive and they can save you a lot of time because moving for terrestrial way in some cases can last days. Some low-cost airlines we recommend you are VivaColombia, Wingo, EasyFly; you must take in mind the allowed bagged.

Movement between close cities: In this case we suggest you the Intermunicipal Public Transportation, is safe and cheap; you can take it easily in the city’s Transport Terminals where you are located; the close ways are between 1 hour and 4 hours.

Inside the cities: in this cases in the biggest cities we suggest you take UBER or Taxi, but this last one only using the special apps, for example: EasyTaxi. If on the big cities you wish to move in public transport you can do it being careful with your baggage because someone can take out something and you don’t even notice. In the middle and small cities, you can use the Public Transport with confidence or the taxi, which in the small cities is cheaper.

Nights out

When you have a party in the night is better to go out with people you trust, don’t take with you a lot of things, just what you need, the cellphone well charge and in your way back don’t do it alone and try to take an UBER or a Taxi with the apps previously suggested, additionally don’t take a lot of alcohol remember you are in an unknown place. Whit this you can have a wonderful night.

Relax and enjoy

To finish our best recommendation is that you relax and enjoy the wonders that Colombia offers; it’s colors, tastes, places, exuberant nature and the magic moments that will create unforgettable memories.

Colombia Come and live your best experience!