Coffee Cultural Landscape, enjoy a beautiful heritage of humanity
Coffee Cultural Landscape

On June 25, 2011, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - Unesco declared the Coffee Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage Site due to its natural characteristics and its unique social capital. There are 47 municipalities with their village areas, located in the departments of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and the northern part of Valle del Cauca.

The mountainous systems that are formed in the Central and Western branches of the Cordillera de los Andes have natural corridors that are optimal for the production of coffee and serve as a home for various species of fauna and flora, which is why the Coffee Cultural Landscape It is considered a sanctuary for biodiversity and a world heritage site for which we must ensure.

Características del Paisaje Cultural Cafetero

Las características sociales y culturales del Coffee Cultural Landscape se constituyeron gracias al proceso de adaptación de sus habitantes a las difíciles condiciones geográficas propias de esta zona de Colombia y a la puesta en marcha de un sistema económico que los permitió surgir económicamente gracias al Café y convertirse en una región próspera que apunta al desarrollo sostenible.

The combination of material and immaterial factors allow visitors to enjoy a colorful architecture inherited from the Antioquia Colonization that stands in the middle of green landscapes and in turn to know the regional archaeological history.

For those who are passionate about culture, in the middle of the Coffee Cultural Landscape they will be able to hear unique sounds that will happily transport them to harvest times where they danced without stopping. You can also enjoy the traditional festivities of the villages and feel the warmth of the people who inhabit this beautiful region.

Those who love gastronomy can taste the delicious and abundant regional food and feel the aroma of coffee while breathing fresh air.

Perhaps one of the most attractive and regional pride options is to make visitors know the work of the farmer and the advanced techniques for growing, harvesting and transforming the grain into a product with high quality recognition throughout the world.

Coffee Cultural Landscape as an ideal tourist option

The Coffee Cultural Landscape is an excellent tourist option that offers alternatives that vary between rest and relaxation; recreational and recreational activities such as natural exploration, sighting of fauna and flora, practice of extreme sports and knowledge of pre-Columbian history; Even night fun options. All this in a framework of natural preservation and sustainable tourism.

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