Coffee Axis Infographic
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In this infographic we have highlighted some relevant aspects that make the Coffee Region an ideal region for your next holidays, a place full of nature, culture and architecture; that will leave in your heart joy with flavor to coffee.

Infografia Eje Cafetero

He Coffee Cultural Landscape wrap the magic of the best coffee of the world, place where you can learn the secret of its magnificent flavor. Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda and North of the Valley they host unparalleled coffee plantations that delight in their aroma, inviting you to live incredible experiences, a mix between adventureflavors nature, landscapes and nice people.

In this region, coffee production began in the mid-19th century, forming one of the most representative cultures in the country, recognized worldwide for its soft coffee, making it one of the most emblematic places to make rural tourism. In this region can Travellers dive into a culture scented coffee while they learn from its processes.

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