5 Planes de Navidad que debes vivir si estas en Colombia en este 2020
Medellin Lights Tour - Christmas Lighting - Colombia - Tourist Plan - Christmas Plans in Colombia

Christmas plans in Colombia: Your chance to let yourself be dazzled

On this occasion we want to talk about the best Christmas plans in Colombia; both the most representative in these times, as the most sought after; Sure there are many more but we wanted to make a substantial selection to make the route or choose the one you like best because & #8230; December arrived!!

And for those who don't know in Colombia there is no November but 62 days of December; an era that is lived in this country from beginning to end; from food, to parties, candles and the new year; We know well that both foreigners, Colombians living abroad and nationals, long for these holidays because they are joy to 100%.

Tour of Lights in Medellín:

Medellin Lights Tour - Christmas Lighting - Colombia - Tourist Plan


Medellin Lights Tour & #8211; Christmas lighting & #8211; Colombia & #8211; Tourist Plan

He Tour of Lights, has been one of the great attractions of the city of Medellin; For years, hundreds of Colombians and foreigners have visited this city in December to make the famous tour of the Christmas lighting, in which it is possible to be dazzled by the beautiful colors and lights that adorn this city for this time of year.

Éste año 2020 los alumbrados rinden homenaje a la natural wealth of Colombia. The lighting center is located in the north park with lighting to surprise visitors and their own. On this tour you can enjoy the lights and the Christmas lighting cutest in the country, and one of the most quoted in Latin America, visitado por miles de nacionales y extranjeros a partir del 30 de noviembre hasta el 07 de enero de 2021

Christmas plans in Colombia: If you want to enjoy this Tour of Lights in Medellin you can do it HERE.


Villa de Leyva Festival of Lights:

Alumbrado en Nobsa

Villa de Leyva in itself it is one of the most striking Colombian municipalities, full of history, cobbled streets, excellent gastronomy and beautiful landscapes; making this place the ideal to spend the end of the year; and more so if we talk about your Festival of Lights

The celebration of Christmas begins in Villa de Leyva with the Festival of Lights, in which the inhabitants of the municipality decorate balconies, sidewalks and terraces with lanterns and candles to give way to this beautiful time of the century; in which they are also carried out pyrotechnic games and presentations of Christmas choirs, among other activities; that surely you can enjoy with your family completely.

Christmas plans in Colombia: If you want to book your Christmas Plan in Boyacá you can do it HERE

Christmas in the Coffee Axis 

One of the best activities in the Coffee Axis are in the days of candles, December 7 and 8, dates on which Christmas is lit especially in Quimbaya Quindío, where there is one of the most colorful festivities in the country; he Quimbaya Candles and Lanterns Festival; which has been carried out since 1981; thanks to the spectacular handmade lanterns which are created by its own inhabitants, where each block of Quimbaya It is adorned with 120 and 140 lanterns, which make them eligible to have creative lighting and be selected among the best in town.

And this is just one of the many activities you can do in the Coffee Axis at Christmas, you can also enjoy delicious hot springs, take a family tour about the coffee process in a beautiful coffee farm, and if you want to spend Your end of the year, the ideal will be to do it in one of our beautiful farm hotels, where you can enjoy your fun parties in San Silvestre, which offer dinners, drinks, live music show and much more.

Here you have a video of one of the Fincas Hotels where you can spend your year-end party.

Christmas plans in Colombia: Live the best time of the year in the Coffee Axis by booking HERE

Snowy Ascent Santa Isabel and Nevado del Ruiz:

Nevado Santa Isabel - Los Nevados National Natural Park - Colombia - Trekking - Alta Montaña -  twitcher


Snowy Santa Isabel & #8211; Los Nevados National Natural Park & #8211; Colombia & #8211; Trekking & #8211; High mountain

Uno de los mejores planes que pueden hacer antes de finalizar el año es desintoxicarse de todo lo que ha pasado durante este 2020  y recargarse con los buenos deseos y propósitos para el siguiente año; y nada mejor para esto que hacerlo en las alturas, Snowy National Park, in total connection with the nature, disconnected from the bustle of the city; A place that you read will show the greatness of the universe and its creator, and in which you can live an amazing experience at the end of the year.

At the Snowy Santa Isabel They can do a 6-hour hike in which they will get to know the different thermal floors and the beautiful snow ecosystem; In this activity you can have direct contact with the snow, yes, if the weather conditions allow it. If what you want is to take your body to the limit for this end of the year, this is the ideal activity.

But if instead what they want is to connect with the nature without having to perform such a demanding physical activity the best is the Nevado del Ruiz; this imposing place will show you your beautiful landscapes, and if they are lucky you can see the majestic Andean condor. Here, a must-see activity for the end of the year is to release your biggest cry of the year, the one that will take your tears and leave you breathless but full of life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This destination has a quite low load capacity, for this reason the quotas are limited, so if you want to enjoy this majestic plan you must book it at least 10 days in advance.

Christmas plans in Colombia: Don't miss out on the spectacular Nevados National Park by booking HERE.


New Year in San Andres Islands:

Raizal - San Andres Islands - Daniel Brown - Colombia - ColombiaTours - Travel - Travel Blog

Really one of the best places to receive the year is in a Island in the Caribbean; where is everything they need to have a new year full of joys, pleasure and prosperity; and what better than in San Andres islands.

First the sanandresanas parties At the end of the year they will impregnate you with this spectacular Caribbean flavor and will make you feel at home since the people are friendly, helpful and cheerful, always ready to welcome visitors with warmth; normally the hotels for these dates prepare special shows and musical events very fun; and more if your hotel is All inclusive, because the drink runs on their behalf and that input guarantees a good start.

On the other hand, imagine a January 1 in one of the beautiful white beaches of the island, with its splendid sea of 7 colors in the background, the hypnotic sound of the waves and the delicious and warm sun on its skin; Sure this island is one of the best options for the new year.

Christmas plans in Colombia: All Inclusive Plans to San Andrés booking HERE

We hope that these options encourage you to live a New Year's Eve with all the best of Colombia and from now on everything is planned from now on by these dates; by the way the best thing to enjoy it is the good attitude.

Happy holidays to all and much love and life for this new year.

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