Colombian Pacific

Colombian Pacific

The Colombian Pacific encompasses the coastal towns, cities and territories of the Pacific Ocean covering territories of the departments of Chocó, Valle, Cauca and Nariño.

Watching whales swim with their whales, dive deep into the waters and see schools of large fish, sea turtles and an innumerable amount of corals is possible in this region of western Colombia, where dark sand beaches are the setting Ideal for people who want to rest, disconnect and get the taste of this land.

African black survivals predominate; even when we also find indigenous and Spanish survivors, with very appropriate black adaptations in their interpretation.

The black expressions, of authentic African reminiscence, appear joyful and explosive as the same ardor of the race, and with a deep background of sadness and satire, which is patented in music by the sounds and voices that in the form of complaint, show the tragedy of a race enslaved by Europeans in the work of mines and the work of farms and plantations.

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