Capurganá, a piece of Chocó in the Caribbean.

The beaches of Capurganá are located on the Colombian Caribbean coast, ad portas of the Serranía del Darién and they are part of the municipality called Acandí, which belongs to the department of Crashed In colombia.

This jewel of the Pacific region has waters of green and blue, crystalline colors, which combine with a soft white sand, a phenomenon rarely seen in the Chocó.

The municipality of Acandí was the home of the Cuna indigenous tribe, who named Capurganá as “Tierra de Ají”. Today this district is home to 1500 inhabitants who are dedicated to tourism, fishing and agriculture.

Ecological and relaxation tourism in Capurganá

Capurganá is inserted in a bay in the middle of the Chocoana rainforest, an issue that makes it a place of difficult access, which gives its visitors a natural environment and total relaxation.

There are no cars, therefore trips in Capurganá are made in animal-powered vehicles or by bicycle. This particularity gives tourists the advantage of breathing very pure air.

To do in Capurganá

In Capurganá you can perform a variety of activities, such as: sailing through its waters in canoes; know the mangroves; walk in the middle of the jungle; visit waterfalls of crystalline water that merge into the sea; and even bathe in thermal water pools.

The sea in Capurganá allows tourists to practice snorkel, to appreciate the wonderful reefs that are located near its beaches. He also practices diving and the windsurfing.

Those who visit Capurganá are a few hours by boat from the Border with Panama, where there are also other magical places to know as the beaches of Sapzurro and La Miel.

Festival of Cigua and Chocoana gastronomy

In Acandí the Festival of the Cigua is celebrated annually by the months of October. This is a gastronomic party where the snails that arrive at their beaches are prepared in different ways that delight the palate of their own and visitors.

Chocoana cuisine is based on the preparation of saltwater and freshwater fish, combined with a product that can not be lacking in Colombian cuisine, rice.

The Atollado is one of the most famous typical dishes and is a rice carefully prepared by the Chocoan midwives that carries the flavors of the Colombian Pacific.


Capurganá's climate is humid tropical. Your visitors should be attentive to insect bites that transmit tropical diseases.

It is recommended to get vaccinated against yellow fever, use sunscreen and repellents.

If you want to travel to Capurganá, check here.

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