Why will Caño Cristales disappear?
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Reasons why Caño Cristales has the days counted

Caño Cristales today is one of the most desirable destinations in Colombia. Known as the river of colors or The Rainbow River, it is located in the department of Villavicencio, in the municipality of La Macarena. It is also a spectacle of nature that can only be enjoyed for a few months in the year when the flow of the river has grown and the sun can reflect the Macarenia Clavigera, the plant that blooms and fills this river with color.

Illegal Visitors

This place is a protected reserve by Natural National Parks and the National Army, who must constantly carry out operations to confront tourists who have not yet become aware of the importance of this ecosystem and the need to preserve this destination and its biodiversity; Many people seek to enter the area at all costs, without knowing that you are causing irreparable damage. One of the reasons why this beautiful natural landscape has few years of life.

Lately, military officers from the National Army have found up to 22 vans 4 & #215; 4 trying to enter the protected area but it seems that although there have been warnings of the sanctioning processes for entering this National Natural Park illegally, tourists do not understand the importance of allowing a regeneration of this territory after a long season of visitors; thus causing serious damage to the macarenias and the ecosystem, gradually contributing to the disappearance and loss of it.

Mining Exploitation

Another worrying situation in Macarena is the granting of the mining exploitation license granted by ANLA (National Environmental Licensing Authority) in 2017. However, so far this has caused many protests and inconveniences in the country due to the need to Protect this resource and therefore in 2018 your license was canceled and now it is free of mining companies, but in the territory there are people who illegally practice mining, generating serious consequences for Caño Cristales.


Deforestation is another problem that worries in the territory and it is that according to studies, the river bed would be diminishing little by little by the massive deforestation that is carried out in some parts of the Macarena. This region is one of the richest in the country, they have multiple tributaries of water and natural species of great value, which makes it even more susceptible to the depredation of its resources.

Caño Cristales is a destination of wonderful landscapes, water and geographical wealth; that make it an unmissable place in your visit to Colombia; knowing this destination and how susceptible it is is a way of doing something for this ecosystem consciously; visit Caño Cristales without losing sight of how important it is for this country and that unfortunately there is little time left; in your hands is to preserve a little more.

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