Caño Cristales, a magical river

Caño Cristales is considered by international opinion as the most beautiful river in the world, its five colors immerse its visitors in a magical paradise. The blue, yellow, green, red and black tones are highlighted by the purity of its waters, showing the beauty of the rock formations and aquatic plants in a fabulous mixture that is distributed throughout its course.

It is called "Caño" because its waters are not abundant and its depth does not exceed 20 meters in any section; Caño Cristales does not extend beyond 100 kilometers.

Where is Caño Cristales located?

This beautiful reservoir of water is born on the southern plateau of the Serranía de la Macarena and its surroundings of Meta, department of Colombian Orinoquia.

To go to Caño Cristales it is necessary to take a plane, air routes are only enabled from Villavicencio, Bogotá or Medellín, because road access is almost impossible, a road infrastructure that supports land tourism has not yet been developed and in This measure has contributed to the preservation of the place as a natural jewel in the middle of Colombia.

Caño Cristales can only be visited between the months of June to December, at any other time of the year access to the river is prohibited.

Caño Cristales, Top destination.

The exceptional qualities of Caño Cristales place it as one of the top destinations in terms of environmental conservation.

Although Caño Cristales is a very popular destination for foreigners, the Colombian Government is very strict with visitors because of the ecological characteristics of the experience and because they consider Caño Cristales a national natural heritage.

Rules of visit to Caño Cristales.

Visiting Caño Cristales requires compliance with some requirements, including travelers carrying a vaccination card that is valid for the Yellow Fever vaccine. In addition, the use of repellents or sunscreens is prohibited because it is considered that these substances can contaminate the ecosystem and impair the purity of river waters.

What clothes to wear to Caño Cristales?

Travelers are recommended to wear very comfortable clothes: good grip shoes and easy drying; raincoats; Cap; Cool and long sleeve shirts. He Jean It is not a recommended garment.

Caño Cristales, territory of peace.

For the tranquility of tourists and due to recent national events in search of peace, the Colombian military has regained control of this area that for many years was surrounded by coca crops in the hands of the Colombian guerrillas. In addition to this, murders were also committed nearby, because it was an area controlled by the main guerrilla fronts. However, the Serranía de La Macarena is one of the areas that came forward after the recent termination of the conflict with the Farc.

The average annual visits to Caño Cristales are around 10,000 visitors, a figure that has gradually increased since 2009 when it opened as a tourist destination in Colombia. However, the increase in the flow of tourists does not represent a threat, as if it has been doing for a long time the interest of multinationals in the exploitation of hydrocarbons in territories near Caño Cristales.

The above has generated a concern in the population of the region, as well as forced environmental organizations to enter an alert so as not to allow the conservation of this hidden paradise in the middle of the Colombian Orinoquia.

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