This is 100% Colombian coffee
100% Colombian coffee

Si algo caracteriza al Eje Cafetero es sin duda su tradición y cultura alrededor de la producción del café 100% colombiano, famoso por su calidad, pureza y exquisito sabor.

Colombian coffee

La calidad de esta majestuosa bebida esta directamente relacionada con el momento en que se siembra su semilla, allí empieza a suceder la magia.

Esto sumado al esfuerzo de muchísimas personas y familias enteras que a través de su minucioso cuidado garantizan la calidad del producto final para consumidores en todo el mundo.

La unión de nuestros cafeteros ha permitido a través de los tiempos desatar nuestro café como el mejor, único en el mundo, ya que conserva las técnicas tradicionales que le imprimen historia a cada taza.

A story in every cup

Behind every Colombian 100% coffee rate there is the importance, effort and work of each coffee family, since it is necessary to select about 1,900 coffee cherries, since the fruit ripens and during pulping, washing and drying.

Undoubtedly one of the most arduous, thorough and personalized works, all to provide the best quality and delight the palate of nationals and foreigners.

Without leaving behind the importance of the preparer and his ability to transform it into a pleasant product, it should be emphasized that it is necessary not only the quality of the beans used and their origin, but also the coffee preparation practices.

The popularity of our drink is very rewarding, since few in the world have become so popular and highly appreciated.

Connoisseurs agree that this drink is capable of offering a complex taste and experiences that go beyond being a simple stimulant drink or that satisfies thirst.

Its exquisite aroma and flavor offer a wide range of sensations that comfort the physical and spiritual state of those who consume it.


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