12 Types of Moms

👤 Linda Katherine Garcia Garcia
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📅 August 17, 2023

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Types of moms

As the song goes, everyone has a mother and none like mine!But we all know that there are many types of moms and that every day they surprise us, some are rebellious and rebellious and others are loving, but what they have in common is that they all give us their love. 

Many in your home must have a beautiful mother who pleads for everything, who protects you, who feeds you for two so you don't go hungry, the elegant one who thinks she is a diva and is a diva, and others who are not far behind, but we love them with all our hearts.

Types of moms

Here are 12 types of moms, those who in one way or another show us their authenticity every day. It is a very funny and peculiar list, if you identify with any of them, you are in the right place.

The elegant mom

In the first place we have that empowered and self-confident mother, who likes to be always well groomed and look like a diva, she likes to capture all the attention of people and her children, they know the fact of being at home taking care of their children does not take away the vanity of looking good for herself.

The demanding mom

They are very strict, they want them to do their best in all areas of their life, they are extremely competitive, because their children and they are the best. They also have many rules at home

Mom's best friend and confidant

She likes to treat her children equally, thus avoiding the responsibility of setting boundaries. This type of mom believes that her life would be over if she embraced motherhood with all her being, so she avoids the responsibility of that role. She is that woman who always listens to her blessings, without judging and always ready to support them.

The tender and loving mother

They are those who are always giving love, they are very affectionate and always expect the same from their children, they are always giving kisses, hugs and show all their love to their children.

The communicative mom 

They are those who talk about everything they do with their children, are always aware of what others are doing, and often interfere a lot in the lives of their children, they want to know everything and do not stay with the intrigue.

The enthusiastic mom 

It is the one that sees the good side of everything, they are almost always in a good mood and radiate a lot of happiness, they are optimistic and like to motivate their children to do what they want, also this type of mothers are very strong, even if the worst happens they are giving all their energy.

The overprotective mom 

They are always aware of their children, of what they do and don't do, they live concerned about their wellbeing. In general, these moms tend to be quite permissive, always asking them what they are doing and where they are going with their children, especially with the permissions, activities and friendships they have.

The relaxed mom

It is that mom who does not find anything a problem, sometimes housework can be very tiring, so it is important that you rest and take a break, but more than that, they do not let themselves be overwhelmed by anything, besides for them everything has a solution.

The adventurous mom 

They have a free spirit, a great desire for discovery, which is closely linked to nature and travel, as they are hyperactive, and always want to make their children's experiences a real adventure.

The procurer mom

Ah this guy, he is very good during adolescence, he does not forbid you anything because she is the cover mother, the one who gives the children a room so they can go out with friends and she can be late without scolding them, you are not saved from the lecture but you enjoy her.

The authoritarian mom

The authoritative or military mother is that which is able to establish clear rules. They tend to reason in a caring and respectful way, and trust that the consequences for breaking those rules will be what drives their children's learning.

The authoritative mother does not impose an order, although she is firm in what she asks of her child. She is always affectionate and tender. She helps her children to be independent.

The mom cook

They transform their children's world into a big kitchen, they make cooking fun, they always want to surprise their children with a new recipe, they love to make food with love, and they don't mind being in the kitchen all day long. They just want us to be happy with their meals.

Whatever your style is or your mom's, the important thing is that we should be grateful for every second she gives us, for all the love she gives us. Pamper her a lot and tell her how much you love her, because you never know if you will be able to tell her tomorrow. They can be a little bit passive, bossy, relaxed. But they are always ready to give us their affection. Sometimes we don't notice all the things they do for us, but their role in our lives is invaluable. Each person has a special role, like the role a mother plays. Their influence is like an open book, full of life lessons and wisdom. Their quality as a human being is to be admired.

If you want to surprise mom on her day and do not know what to give her, I recommend the following blog "5 Gift Ideas for Mom"and thus, give mom what she deserves.

Happy Mothers' Month, to the queens of the home!

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