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INTRODUCTION ColombiaTours.Travel is a digital tourism ecosystem that connects three actors in the sector: national and international travelers, local travel agents and tour operators throughout the country; with the aim of articulating them to provide personalized travel experiences according to the needs of travelers interested in knowing Colombia. General information:

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In response to the declaration of a Public Health Emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on January 30 of this year, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 385 of March 12, 2020 declaring a health emergency throughout the national territory, in order to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its effects. Consequently, the guidelines of this protocol complement Resolution 666 of 2020, as they adapt the general biosecurity protocol to the following activities:

7911Travel agency activities
7912Tour operator activities
7310Advertising S.A.S, is committed to mitigate any potential impact on the operation of the activities that may be generated by the presence of (Coronavirus) COVID-19.


To provide guidance, within the framework of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, on the general biosecurity measures to be adopted by travel agencies in order to reduce the risk of human-to-human transmission of the virus during the development of all their activities.


The general biosecurity measures are those indicated in Resolution 666 of 2020, "Whereby the general biosecurity protocol is adopted to mitigate, control and carry out the adequate management of the COVID-19″ coronavirus pandemic.

TOURISM SUBSECTOR: TRAVEL AGENCIES We guarantee compliance with the biosecurity measures contained in Resolution 666 of April 24, 2020 issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Location measures: Adequacy

  • A remote work scheme has been implemented for Travel's team of collaborators, in which the entire tourism operation has been mediated through the digital tools already developed by the company; and we have continued with the virtual attention of our clients in order to reduce the risks of contagion through the contact in the face-to-face attention.
  • We will require and support the managers of tourist attractions and travelers' meeting places to have visual markings or signage to enforce the minimum social distancing of 2 meters at all tourist attractions and meeting places, and to have a minimum social distancing of 2 meters at all tourist attractions. ), with which the client is surveyed regarding symptomatology and tracking information for the detection of possible cases. The result of this form is given to the operator who can also verify the information of the passengers.
  • We will promote the implementation of technology that facilitates access to tourist activities and thus avoid crowds. Currently, entrance to the parks is done by sending digital vouchers, thus facilitating access and reducing crowds.
  • When restaurants and lodging services are used, we will demand that these establishments comply with the sanitary protocols defined for this subsector by the competent authorities. Otherwise, we will refrain from hiring and promoting them.
  • We will ensure that the places where we operate tourism activities have drinking water, clean restrooms with liquid soap, disposable towels and instructive posters for washing and cleaning the toilets, as well as a safe drinking water supply.
  • We will guarantee that in the restrooms used during tourist tours, as a preventive measure against contagion, toilet paper and toilet paper in individual format will be available.
  • In the face-to-face work sessions that may occur among the work team, spaces that comply with biosafety protocols will be sought, and access to disinfectant and washbasins will be guaranteed, the use of masks will be mandatory, and a distance of 2 meters between each person on the team will be ensured.

 Maintenance and disinfection

  • We will ensure that all personnel wash and disinfect their hands with water, soap and a disposable towel at the beginning and end of a tour and at least every three hours.
  • We will ensure that customer service personnel keep a kit containing soapy water or 60% glycerin alcohol, disposable towels and masks available throughout the service.
  • We will demand compliance with disinfection and cleaning protocols in offices, common areas, tourist meeting and gathering areas and customer service areas in the different establishments in which we operate. We will also verify that the environment is not being affected by the use of disinfectants that may affect wildlife in some tourist destinations.
  • We will clean and disinfect the elements used by tourists and staff every time they are used or, in any case, at least every three hours.
  • We will request a copy of the disinfection and cleaning protocol for COVID-19 adopted by the local suppliers that operate the tourist packages, especially in the areas where there is a concentration of tourists, and proof of their approval by the competent authority. If this is not complied with, we will refrain from hiring and promoting them.
  • We will clean and disinfect the transportation vehicles (land, river, etc.) before each group movement, in accordance with the sanitary protocols established by the pertinent authorities for this subsector.
  • Before and after the use of water and beverage dispensers in common areas, meeting areas, we will require tourists and all operating personnel to wash their hands according to the instructions on the poster.
  • Once the work of guiding and driving is finished, the clothes, shoes and equipment used, such as binoculars, cameras, microphones, maps, cell phones, etc., must be washed and disinfected. We will also keep a record of the results of taking the temperature of the guides and drivers, this will be done at the beginning and end of each activity.

Work tools and equipment

  • It is forbidden to exchange elements, equipment or personal work tools and personal protection elements with other people without prior and rigorous disinfection.
  • Personal Protection Elements.
  • Travelers and personnel shall carry at all times and in particular during tourist tours a personal protection kit containing at least a mask, glycerin alcohol at least 60%, toilet paper, personalized bottle for hydration and RED bags for the disposal of biohazardous waste.
  • We will ensure that the first-aid kits used during the tours and in the places where visitors gather have personal protection elements for COVID- 19 (mask covers, glycerin alcohol, etc.), elements for personal cleaning and disinfection, and devices.
  • Prior to the start of each journey, we will verify that each traveler has a personal protection kit containing at least a mask and glycerin alcohol at least 60%. In addition, we will take their temperature to make sure that they do not have a fever or a temperature higher than 38ºC. In case of a temperature higher than the above mentioned, the person will be isolated for 10 minutes, and then another temperature will be taken. If the person's temperature is higher than 38ºC, he/she will not be allowed to participate in the activities or enter the tourist attractions and will be reported to the nearest entity. Verification will be made of the correct use of the mask and the performance of the procedure of disinfection of hands and shoes in accordance with the protocols established by the health authorities. This kit will be provided by our agency and delivered through the guides or transporters at the time of arrival of the

Handling of inputs and outputs

  • Personnel providing services to tourists, upon returning to the base headquarters, shall deposit the mask covers, gloves and other waste in a specific container or garbage can, protected with a lid. Immediately after and before any type of activity, the protocol for washing and disinfection of hands and footwear shall be carried out.
  • Disposable handkerchiefs and towels, as well as personal protective equipment (face masks, gloves, etc.) and disposable supplies generated on each route, shall be deposited in separate pedal-operated garbage cans with lids.

Human capital: Interaction within the facilities

  • We will strive for real-time compliance with the provisions and recommendations of the health authorities with respect to the tourism subsectors, including those related to the safety measures that are determined.
  • Regarding the reception of envelopes or packages, we will have alcohol spray, disposable towels and a final disposal point for cleaning and disinfection. We will inform and require the senders of correspondence that it will be received only in envelopes and not on paper. In any case, we will promote electronic and digital delivery and reception of documents.
  • We currently have a protocol for contactless payment through digital means of payment (online platforms) will be cleaned with a cloth dampened with disinfectant solution in each operation. If cash payment is necessary, we will follow the measures indicated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for cleaning, disinfection and hand washing.
  • We will implement biosecurity measures before entering the areas where tourist activities are carried out, such as: hand washing, disinfection of clothes and shoes. Likewise, when leaving the area, the same will be done. We will take into account and generate possible changes in routes established in the travel itineraries considering the location and disposition of hand washing and disinfection points.

On sightseeing tours:

  • During the smart isolation and reactivation stage, tourist destinations will not operate with a capacity of 100%. The number of people allowed in open places must not exceed a range between 30% and 50% of the maximum allowed capacity, defined in carrying capacity studies, as part of an exploratory stage that will be accompanied by periodic reviews and possible modifications aimed at the prevention and mitigation of risks of In closed places where this capacity has not been defined, the total number of people will be determined based on the capacity allowed by law, ensuring a minimum distance between people of 2 meters. The Secretariat of Culture, Tourism and Sports will take the necessary steps before the Vice-Ministry of Tourism to request support with carrying capacity studies of the municipality's tourist attractions.
  • We will prioritize the making of reservations in order to know in advance the permitted capacity, we will register the visitors' data in advance (attach a visitor registration form showing name, date and time of arrival, attraction where the activity will take place and 2 contact numbers in case of emergency) and control their entry to tourist sites and other fun and entertainment activities.
  • In open-air tours in urban centers, guides shall maintain a margin of at least 10 minutes between groups visiting the same place, in order to avoid crowds in public spaces.
  • For tourist tours, the group allowed per guide may range between 4 to 6 people in the development of activities such as: hiking, bird watching and yoga, maximum 5 people in the development of activities such as: mountain biking and maximum 3 people in the development of activities such as: climbing, rappel, caving, bungee jumping, horseback riding and buggies. This same limit shall apply for the operation of package tours. The sale of services may be made for more than 4 people, however, we will inform tourists that they will be divided according to the number allowed for groups.
  • The social distance between groups will be at least 4 meters at rest sites or interpretation points and 2 meters on hikes.

Interaction with third parties: With suppliers:

  • We undertake to inquire about the possibility of purchasing travel insurance with COVID-19 risk coverage in order to provide advice to tourists. We will seek the possibility of partnering with insurance companies in order to promote this type of product to tourists.
  • We will keep ourselves informed with local suppliers and municipal authorities about the situation of the tourism sector and the preventive measures adopted by the territories where we have some kind of operation.
  • We will refrain from booking and contracting with tourism service providers that are known not to comply with the sanitary measures set forth by the National Government or that have been sanctioned for that matter, and we will report the situation immediately to the Tourism Information Point.
  • We will promote that destinations, tourist attractions and even restaurants manage a system of reservations and carrying capacity for greater coordination of times and movements between agencies that operate the same tourist attraction to comply with the provisions in terms of carrying capacity, social distancing and other applicable sanitary regulations.
  • We will promote the appropriate hiring of local suppliers in the provision of tourism services, introducing special protection measures to ensure that traditionally disadvantaged groups, particularly women, youth and rural communities, are not adversely affected.
  • We will monitor compliance and require our guides to present support of monthly payment to social security (Health and Pension) in case of evidence of omission to this we will refrain from hiring them.
  • We are committed to collaborate in the surveillance and report in case of evidencing the presence of guides who are working and providing the services of tourist activities on their own without the support of an Agency. We will report it immediately to the Tourist Information Point so that the corresponding measures can be taken.
  • We will require a current first aid course for all our guides.

With clients:

  • We will design a self-assessment survey of symptoms and declaration of pre-existing high-risk diseases for COVID-19 which will be applied before the sale of tourist services and daily before the start of the provision of services. This survey will be carried out by means of a virtual tool and will be filled out individually by each person. This survey will be applied after filling out the authorization form for the use of personal data and compliance with other applicable regulations on the matter, specifying that the scope of the authorization is for sanitary purposes of contact tracing in case of contagion. The minimum information required is: name, age, place of origin and destination, places visited in the last month, length of stay, pre-existing high-risk diseases for COVID-19 (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), COVID-19 associated symptoms (dry cough, fever, etc.), contact with infected persons, EPS and emergency contact information. TRAVELER'S FORM FOR COVID-19 CONTROL ( ).
  • We will inform travelers of the biosecurity standards established by the health authorities for the corresponding destination, with the purpose of taking the appropriate preventive measures in relation to hand washing and disinfection, physical distancing, use of masks and other applicable measures. In support of this we will have a signed consent form from the traveler.
  • We will provide information in advance to travelers about mobility restrictions, suspension or delays of inter-municipal transportation for reasons related to the operation of the same and the decisions of the relevant authorities on the subject. We will not be responsible for the costs that these changes may generate.
  • The elements specific to each tourist activity, such as, for example, harnesses, helmets, gloves, among others, shall be removed at the same point and disinfected before and after storage, in a dry and clean place, in such a way as to mitigate the probability of contagion.

Communications plan

  • We will implement an action plan, the measures undertaken will be evaluated frequently to verify compliance, identify and correct gaps, and adapt the plan to practical experience. We will have a crisis team that can support management in implementing the action plan and identifying timely adjustments We will be alert to any unusual increases in absenteeism, especially those due to acute respiratory infections, possibly caused by COVID-19.
  • We will include in the different communication channels with clients (web pages, social networks, brochures, posters in offices and others) recommendations addressed to tourists for before, during and after their trips, including the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in relation to alarm symptoms, guidelines and protocols for preparation, response and attention in the presence of COVID-19.
  • In our competence we will elaborate the operations manual to refine the processes of the communications plan and present it in order to start the operation.
  • We will delegate one or more persons directly responsible for the implementation of this protocol, as well as for communication with local and national authorities in order to facilitate internal processes in relation to COVID-19. We will conduct periodic follow-ups as part of the Management Systems to verify compliance, in accordance with the legal provisions in force and as appropriate.
  • We will have updated information on travelers, including completed health status surveys, temperature results and places visited, in order to provide it to the health authorities in case of COVID-19 infection of any of the travelers. The survey will be shared among all those involved in the tourism operation, such as hotels, restaurants and local operators.
  • Our guides will prepare a health script that includes updated information about the presence of COVID-19 in the destination visited, as well as the preventive measures to be adopted during the tour and those that the visitor must comply with upon arrival. Travelers should always be informed of and comply with this script at the beginning of each trip.
  • We will inform the tourist of the determinations made by the authorities, in case of testing positive for COVID-19, such as the need for hospital or home isolation and travel restrictions, among others. We will provide support to the tourist in terms of rescheduling services and will follow up on his/her health evolution.

Prevention and management of contagion risk situations:  Management of risk situations

  • We will provide our guides with a medical assistance insurance with coverage for COVID - 19 for the tourist operation.
  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to persons presenting symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • We will agree with the subsectors on flexibility policies for rescheduling the provision of tourism services for reasons related to measures to be adopted in the event of positive COVID-19 cases.

Response mechanism in the event of a possible case:

  • In case of evidence or knowledge that any of our customers who purchased tourist services have symptoms associated with COVID-19 or fever, we will promptly adopt mitigation measures to stop the contagion. In this sense, we will report the case to the competent authorities, i.e., to the insurance company, the EPS and the corresponding Health Secretary, in order to take the necessary actions and provide the requested information.

Mitigation / crisis measures:

  • In case the tourist refuses to make use of the kit and abide by the provisions that are applicable in the protocol, and which were informed and accepted prior to the trip, our company will reserve the right of admission without additional charges and will immediately inform the Tourist Information Point about the situation.

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