Bahía Solano, the door of the Colombian Pacific
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Only a 52-minute plane ride from Medellin, are needed to reach the door of the Colombian Pacific, Solano Bay.

This town in the middle of the Chocó, department of Colombia, has a unique jungle landscape bathed by the immense Pacific Ocean.

A sun that intermingles with the rain in an atmosphere of moisture that soaks the skin is part of the experience in one of the most biodiverse places in the world, Bahía Solano.

The jungle of Bahía Solano is home to countless reptiles, birds, amphibians and mammals, but the sea is also home to other marine species including temporary visitors, the Yubartas or Humpback Whales, which have their offspring every year to Colombian waters.

Nature to the extreme in Solano Bay

If your dream of an ideal vacation includes knowing about nature and appreciating its magic and beauty, Bahía Solano is a perfect option.

From July to November you can see Turtles; From August to September you can see Whales; From September to January you can see migratory birds; And as if that were not enough, throughout the year you can see dolphins on its shores.

Mix of cultures in Bahía Solano

The inhabitants of the Colombian Pacific are mostly Afro-descendants, who found in this paradise a refuge to settle after freeing themselves from slavery. However, in the Chocoana jungle, some ethnic groups such as the Embera have already lived since ancient times and that today despite the civilization they still retain part of their population.

The Colombian Pacific is culturally rich due to miscegenation among Afro-descendant, indigenous and white races who live or visit the area. Of all there is a legacy, which is reflected in their dances, gastronomy and in general in all their customs.

Bahía Solano is geographically defined among a cove, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Colombia, making it a place worth enjoying.

ColombiaTours.Travel offers a plan that allows travelers to enjoy a unique adventure, translated into experiences on land and sea.

Activities in Bahía Solano 

In Bahía Solano you can stroll through the jungle to reach rivers of crystal clear water, see high-rise waterfalls and visit a natural aquarium.

If you like to walk you can climb up the hill of the Virgin and observe a green landscape that melts into the sea.

Bahía Solano has coral formations that are home to colorful species, a place desired for diving enthusiasts. Although you can also do mask and even fish in an artisanal way, the natives will teach you how to do it.

But if you are only going to relax you can spend a day at the beach in any of the three that the municipality has: Almejal, Mecana and Pescadores.

Recommendations for your adventure in Bahía Solano

Do not forget that in Bahía Solano the adventure never ends, sometimes there is no energy so you can not stop carrying a flashlight and it is good that you not only get vaccinated against yellow fever, but also charge a good repellent and sunscreen. You must carry enough cash, because until that hidden place does not reach the technology of the cashiers.

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