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Plan your vacation plan to your needs

In ColombiaTours.Travel we have designed a great tool that lets you select the activities you love, the days of your stay, the type of traveler you are and the people with whom you come, to guide you in planning your trip; and make easier the process to help just what you want in Colombia and the type of experience you want to live; That's what we've created four variables of this tool: Build Your Plan Colombia, Plan your Eje Cafetero Plan, Build Your Plan and Build Your Plan Medellin Caño Cristales.

Build Your Plan in Colombia

This test is intended for people who want to know the best of Colombia; I stay in a multi-destination, where you can choose the cities and activities that you like; helping to build a complete itinerary in which you will find: air tickets, ground transportation, accommodation, nature activities, cultural activities, theme parks, among other things that will make you fall in love with this beautiful country.

Build your plan in Colombia HERE

Build Your Plan in the Coffee

One of the most representative things of Colombia, is their smooth coffee; this morning beverage that has invaded the world, and has looked at home of tastiness, in the coffee landscape and culture in which many elements that make this region a must-see destination in Colombia are mixed. The Coffee Cultural Landscape is credited architecture, cuisine, exuberant nature, adventure activities, theme parks, and obviously, the whole process of coffee from seed to cup; why we designed a special test to find the best activities for you in this beautiful region.

Build Your Plan in the Coffee HERE

Build Your Plan in Medellin

Medellin is one of the most innovative cities in the country with an excellent transportation system, friendly people and amazing places where you can enjoy many activities, both day and night; in the surrounding area, in the department of Antioquia, there are also spectacular places that dazzle domestic and foreign, for which Medellin is always a good option to get to know Colombia. In this city we have also created a Build Your Plan in Medellin, so you can choose from among all you have to give this destination, the best for you.

Build Your Plan in Medellin HERE

Build Your Plan to Caño Cristales

This destination, La Serrania de la Macarena and Caño Cristales, known worldwide for having the river of the gods, the rainbow river or five colors; It is a unique spectacle (sure no equal) that few know; why it has earned a place in this group Build Your Plan; and thus enjoy this region full nature, life and color, where there are hundreds of places to visit in its various walks.

Build Your Plan to Caño Cristales HERE