Amazon, a must-see destination
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The Amazon River with 6800 kilometers is known as the longest in the world and runs through the jungle area of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

The exuberant natural beauty and indigenous ancestral culture blend perfectly in this destination, better known as the Green Lung of the world.

The Amazon is an unmissable tourist destination for nature lovers. When you visit it you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the indigenous cultural legacy, which remains almost intact and away from the chaotic urban noise.

Amazon, ancestral cultural

The inhabitants of the Amazon are the Ticunas, Huitotos, Camsás, Tucanos, Ingas and Nukaks. They all retain a legacy of wisdom that teach us the greatness of nature and respect for it.

The magic of the stories of the elders of the Amazon plunges us into a world full of wonderful stories that are interwoven in the midst of jungle immensity.

Stories of the Amazon River

The Pink Dolphin is also known as the Amazon red buffet. the natives equate him to an enchanted elf who can transform himself into a man. According to legend, look for young women at parties to make them fall in love. The woman suffers an enchantment that pushes her to be every day on the banks of the river, until she disappears with her beloved.

The Amazon Tunchi, wanderer walks through the jungles of the Amazon. The natives say he is a sorcerer or demon who terrifies people with a thunderous whistle. It is an advertiser of bad omens.

The Ayaymama of the Amazon is a bird, they say that he was a child who was lost in the mountain looking for his mother. These birds perch on the trees and sing ayaymama, ayaymama.

The Yacuruna of the Amazon is the most important magical spirit of the jungle. Command all animals and is usually invoked by shamans and healers during ayahuasca sessions. The Yacuruna travels mounted on a gigantic black crocodile.

These stories of the Amazon link animal life with gods, demons or guardians.

However, the natives do not tell only these stories, they also have stories that explain the Spaniards' attempt to penetrate the jungle.

There is an indigenous history that tells that at night a ship that shines in the middle of the Amazon River is seen emerging. The people who came on this ship wore pompous clothes and spoke languages unknown to the natives of the Amazon.

Amazon, green carpet

The landscape of the Amazon is considered sublime. It looks like a green carpet that flows through flowing waters and is home to 212 species of mammals and 195 different reptiles.

When tourists visit the Amazon they have the possibility of observing the majestic pink dolphins in their habitat; the curious anteaters; the tender deer; and the enigmatic pumas.

In the Amazon you will also find native plants that cure ills and that are fervently guarded by the natives to preserve the secret.

The Amazon is a destination that enchants, its wonderful stories, the culture that surrounds and the jungle majesty.

Dare to visit the Amazon!

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