6 activities to do in the Colombian Amazon

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Welcome to the most magical and fascinating jungle on the planet, the Colombian Amazon! Immerse yourself in a primitive and exuberant world where nature unfolds in its maximum splendor and the wildlife will take your breath away. In this travel blog, we invite you to embark on a unique and transcendental journey through the wonders of this incredible region.

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Imagine finding yourself in a place where rivers are the vital arteries of an immense and vibrant ecosystem. Where the treetops intertwine to form an infinite green canopy, home to countless birds, monkeys, jaguars and pink dolphins. Here, in the Colombian Amazon, every step you take becomes a deep connection with nature and the ancestral history of this biodiverse treasure.

Amazonas Plan Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Trips

To enter this vast and enigmatic territory is to immerse yourself in a journey full of amazing discoveries. From the mysterious Tanimboca Natural Reserve, where you can walk through jungle trails and navigate winding rivers, to the magical Amacayacu National Natural Park, an aquatic paradise where the diversity of marine creatures will leave you speechless.

But the Colombian Amazon is not only a destination for nature and adventure lovers, it is also a place where indigenous culture and ancestral traditions are deeply rooted. Explore native communities such as the Ticunas, Yaguas or Huitotos, who share their ancient wisdom and envelop you in a spiritual universe full of myths and legends.

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In this blog, we will take you on a tour through the labyrinths of the Amazon, Caqueta and Putumayo rivers, where you can kayak, canoe and enjoy breathtaking sunsets on the banks. We will also show you the unique biodiversity of the region, from the impressive water lilies of the Tarapoto River to the majesty of the pink dolphins swimming in the crystal clear waters.

We invite you to discover the Colombian Amazon with all your senses. Feel the humid aroma of the jungle, listen to the song of exotic birds and marvel at the symphony of natural sounds. Savor the delicious local gastronomy, such as the famous pirarucu, fresh fruit and exquisite coffee.

Plan Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel

Welcome to the Colombian Amazon, a place where magic and nature merge in perfect harmony!

Where is the Colombian Amazon located?

The Colombian Amazon is located in the southern region of the country, on the border with Brazil and Peru. Leticia, the capital city of the department of Amazonas in Colombia, is considered the gateway to the Colombian Amazon. It is located on the banks of the Amazon River and is the main access point for exploring this vast and biodiverse site. Leticia is surrounded by Amazon rainforest and offers numerous opportunities to embark on unique adventures and experiences in this stunning natural environment.

How to get to the Colombian Amazon?

To begin your trip in the Colombian Amazon, it is necessary to get to the city of Leticia, which can only be reached by plane. There are no roads or bus services connecting Leticia with the rest of the country.

If you wish to visit the Colombian Amazon from cities such as Bogota, Medellin or Cali, the only viable alternative is to take a flight to Leticia. The trip from Bogota takes approximately 2 hours and a half. Upon arrival in Leticia, it is necessary to pay a tourist tax of around COP $35,000.

Once in Leticia, you can begin to explore the Colombian Amazon and go deep into the jungle through canoe excursions, jungle hikes, bird watching and other exciting activities. It is advisable to have the support of local guides or specialized tour agencies to make the most of your trip in this unique and exuberant place.

Activities to do in the Colombian Amazon

1. Get to know the Natura Park Reserve

The Nature Park Reserve is an extensive protected area that encompasses a wide variety of Amazonian ecosystems. From dense rainforests to meandering rivers and flooded savannas, this reserve is home to incredible biodiversity.

Travel to the Amazon: Discover the Natura Park Reserve, the destination to fill yourself with 'blue mud'.
  1. Jungle Exploration: Embark on exciting guided hikes through intricate jungle trails. Discover the wonder of the essence of Amazonian wildlife as you listen to the sounds of exotic birds, watch monkeys leaping through the treetops and admire the majesty of tropical vegetation.

  2. Birdwatching: The Nature Park Reserve is a bird lover's paradise. With more than 600 registered, you will be able to spot vibrant hummingbirds, colorful macaws and majestic eagles. Don't forget to bring your binoculars and cameras to capture these unique moments.

  3. River navigation: Explore the impressive rivers that run through the reserve in canoes or small boats. Enjoy the calm rhythm of the navigation as you glide through the waters, admire the riparian vegetation and watch caimans resting on the banks.

  4. Visit to indigenous communities: The reserve is home to several indigenous communities that have lived in harmony with nature for centuries. You will be able to interact with them, learn about their traditions, crafts and ancestral knowledge. Listen to their stories and immerse yourself in their unique culture.

  5. Night in the jungle: Live one of the best experiences in the Amazon, spending a night in the jungle. Admire the starry sky without interference from artificial lights, listen to the night sounds of the jungle and observe the bioluminescence that unfolds in the darkness. An experience that will connect you with the magic of nature.

  6. Wildlife watching: Be prepared to encounter a wide variety of animals, from pink dolphins swimming in the water to anacondas gliding through the water. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see tapirs, jaguars and an abundance of fascinating insects and reptiles.

  7. Canopy Adventure: Challenge your limits and venture through the treetops on suspension bridges and elevated platforms. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

2.Get to know Puerto Nariño

Puerto Nariño

Colombia's "pueblo pesebre": In the middle of a lot of nature is one of the most important attractions of the Amazon, Puerto Nariño, the second largest site of the Amazon region in Colombia, considered the "pueblo paisajista" (landscape town) due to its beautiful nature.

Local Gastronomy: Gastronomy in Puerto Nariño is an experience for the senses. You can delight in traditional dishes prepared with indigenous Amazonian ingredients, such as fresh fish from the river, exotic fruits and medicinal herbs. Local restaurants offer a variety of unique flavors that reflect the fusion of indigenous cuisine with Colombian and Amazonian influences.

 Visit to the viewpoint and the Tarapota lakes: After enjoying an afternoon in this place, continue the trip and move to the viewpoint where you can see the beauty of this land of unique landscapes, visit to the Tarapota lakes where you have the chance to have an encounter with pink dolphins.

3.Get to know the Mocagua community

Indigenous Authority of Mocagua signs Political Agreement of Wills with Parks to protect their territory - Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia

Mocagua is an indigenous community located two hours by boat from Leticia, between the Amazon River and the Amacayacu National Natural Park. In this place, approximately 800 people of the Ticuna, Cocama, Yagua and Uitoto ethnic groups live in harmony with nature, forming a united community. If you want to experience the daily life of the Amazonian peoples, visiting this community is an excellent option.

Mocagua offers one of the most charming and peaceful tourist destinations in the Amazon. It is a picturesque town with narrow streets, where it is common to see children playing in the river, young people on the volleyball court and adults dedicated to responsible tourism projects, artisanal fishing or simply enjoying the tranquility.

When you decide to explore tourism in the Colombian Amazon, don't forget your trip to Mocagua. There you will be amazed by the stories you will hear at the Magüta Museum and the colorful murals that adorn each house. You can also visit the Maikuchiga Foundation, where you will meet some wild monkeys and support their rescue and conservation efforts. Take the opportunity to go deep into the jungle and navigate the river, enjoying all the wonders this place has to offer.

Visit the Maikuchiga Foundation

Plan Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel

One of the activities you can do when traveling to the Amazon is to visit the Maikuchiga Foundation. This foundation is located between the community of Mocagua and the Amacayacu National Natural Park. Unlike other places, this organization is a refuge that provides a temporary home to primates rescued from illegal trafficking and animal abuse. These primates are rehabilitated with the objective of returning them to their natural habitat.

If you are a nature lover, this is a must-do experience in the Colombian Amazon. By participating, you will be directly supporting a community initiative that focuses on conservation. The indigenous community has decided to stop hunting primates and become guardians of the churuco, capuchin, friar and titi monkeys.

In addition, this trip gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the monkeys, learn about primates, take stunning photographs and, hopefully, even experience a monkey coming up to you and climbing on your head.

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5.Visit Amacayacu Park.

Amacayacu National Natural Park is a biodiversity reserve located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This national park covers an extensive area of approximately 293,000 hectares and is recognized for its rich biological and cultural diversity.

The name "Amacayacu" means "river of hammocks" in the indigenous Tikuna language, and refers to the river that runs through the park and plays a fundamental role in its ecosystem. The park is located between the Amazon rainforest and the Andes, which gives rise to an incredible variety of habitats and animals.

Amacayacu National Natural Park - Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia-Amazonas

The natural beauty of Amacayacu National Natural Park is breathtaking. Inside, visitors can encounter dense tropical forests, meandering rivers, wetlands, lakes and a wide variety of landscapes. These different ecosystems harbor an extraordinary biological diversity, making the park a true paradise for flora and fauna.

To get to Amacayacu National Natural Park, you begin your journey once you arrive in Leticia, the capital of the Amazon. From there, you take a boat from the pier of the civil port of Leticia, traveling a distance of 57.5 kilometers until you reach Mocagua, which marks the initial boundary of the park.

Plan Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Travel- Amazonas

There are three companies that offer travel from Leticia to Puerto Nariño. The round trip ticket price is $61.000 on the route Leticia - Comunidad de Mocagua or bocas de Amacayacu. The fare varies if you go to Puerto Nariño, so it is necessary to contact us to confirm prices.

The park is home to an immense number of species, including many endemic and threatened species. It is estimated that Amacayacu is home to around 150 mammalian animals, including jaguars, pink dolphins, manatees, howler monkeys and different types of squirrel monkeys. In addition, more than 450 types of birds can be found, such as the harpy eagle, the toucan, the kingfisher and the scarlet macaw. There are also numerous reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Photograph: Amacayacu National Natural Park - Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia-Amazonas

The park's flora is also exceptionally diverse. It is estimated that there are more than 1,300 species of plants, many of which are used by local indigenous communities for medicinal and cultural uses. Giant trees, vines and epiphytes intertwine to create a lush and fascinating green canopy.

Conservation of this valuable ecosystem is a priority in Amacayacu National Natural Park. In addition to its biodiversity, the park also seeks to preserve the traditions and culture of the indigenous communities that inhabit the site, such as the Tikunas, and promotes the participation of local communities in management and sustainable tourism.

photograph: Amacayacu National Natural Park - Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia- Amazonas

Exploring Amacayacu National Natural Park is a unique experience. Visitors can embark on exciting boat rides on the rivers and lakes, hike the nature trails and spend time in indigenous communities to learn about their way of life and cosmovision. In addition, activities such as bird watching, sustainable fishing and nature photography are available.

It is important to mention that access to Amacayacu National Natural Park is through Leticia, the nearest city, and authorized local guides must be hired to enter the park.

6.Visit the wonderful Yahuarca Lakes.

The Yahuarcaca Lakes are a spectacular set of lakes located in the Amazon region of Colombia, specifically in the area of Leticia, near the border with Brazil and Peru. These lakes are a natural treasure that attracts nature lovers and travelers in search of adventure.

Amazonas, a possible territory: Yahuarcaca, much more than a ravine :: Yahuarcaca, a possible territory :: Yahuarcaca, much more than a ravine

Arriving at the Yahuarcaca Lakes, you will be greeted by the lush beauty of the Amazon rainforest. The crystal clear water surface of the lakes extends amidst an intense green environment, surrounded by dense tropical vegetation. The calm and serene atmosphere of this place is ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature in its purest form.

One of the main activities you can do in the Yahuarcaca Lakes is canoeing. Paddling through the lakes will allow you to explore the hidden nooks and crannies and discover the incredible diversity of wildlife that surrounds them. You will be able to admire the majesty of the giant trees, listen to the sounds of exotic birds and, if you are lucky, even spot species such as pink dolphins, caimans and different types of aquatic birds.

Photography: Amazon, fishing

Sport fishing is another popular activity at Yahuarcaca Lakes. You can cast your rod and wait patiently while enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings. These lakes are home to a great variety of fish, such as the fearsome piranha and other native species, providing anglers with an exciting experience.

In addition to water exploration, you can embark on hikes along the trails near the lakes. A local guide will take you through the jungle, sharing his knowledge of the region's flora and fauna. During the tour, you will observe medicinal plants, multicolored butterflies and listen to the sounds of the Amazon rainforest, an experience that will connect you with nature in its purest state.

You can also meet the exotic pink dolphins, characteristic of the Colombian Amazon, and take some nice pictures of the landscape.

The pink Amazonian dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) - Vertebrates, Life and Customs

In terms of tourist infrastructure, you will find rustic and cozy accommodations near the Yahuarcaca Lakes, which will give you an authentic and close-to-nature experience. There are also lodging options in Leticia, the nearest city, which has a variety of services for visitors.

Photography: amazonas, forest, nature

In short, the Yahuarcaca Lakes are a fascinating tourist destination in the Amazon region of Colombia. Here you will find the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Amazon rainforest, explore the lakes by canoe, enjoy sport fishing and walk along trails surrounded by wildlife. This place offers you an authentic and enriching experience, where you can connect with the exuberance of the Amazonian nature and create lasting memories.

Recommended tour: Amazonas Natura Park

Photography:Amazonas Natura Park Colombia Viajes

Amazon, the world's sacred forest

Living nature destination.

For those people who want to have direct contact with Mother Earth, without a doubt, traveling to the Amazon will provide you with a unique experience; it is also populated by friendly people and is characterized by being built on the shore of the Amazon Riverat the gates of the jungle.

Amazonland, land of the river located in the south of Colombia, between the borders with Brazil y PeruThe river is named after the immense river that crosses it. Amazon Rainforest possesses a great wealth of natural and cultural heritage, which today is considered a treasure of humanity, and undoubtedly, a tourist destination wonderful.

Amazon River

This region is irrigated by the Amazon RiverThe river is known as the largest, widest and deepest in the world; thanks to this, it harbors in its waters a wide variety of unique species: which, on the other hand, has a countless number of trees that provide oxygen to the world; for this reason, it is considered the world's "Lung of the World". In this way, it becomes a destination to get in tune with the naturein a place where you can breathe the purest air on the planet.

¡Here you can also learn more about other wonderful places that Colombiatours has for you!

What does Amazonas Natura Park include?

  • Lodging: 1 night in Leticia + 3 nights at Reserva Natura Park.

  • Transportation airport-hotel-airport.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • 3 Tours + 3 complimentary tours: -City tour in Leticia / Hikes through the primary rainforest / Artisanal fishing / Visit to Lake Tarapota, observation of the pink dolphin / Tour to Puerto Nariño / Night in the jungle, knowing the night life of the forest (optional).

  • River transportation to the tours.

If you want to know more about this amazing Amazon Tour, please visit HERE all the information

Recommendations for travel to the Amazon

Yellow fever vaccine-recommendations
  1. Apply the yellow fever vaccination 10 days before the trip and have your vaccination card ready.

  2. Pack comfortable and cool clothes, the heat and humidity in the area require it, if you are going to walk in the jungle try to wear high top shoes, it can be marsh boots.

  3. Drink only bottled water never from the faucet, it has great risk when consumed because it is not drinkable.

  4. Carry painkillersYou never know when a headache may appear.

  5. Pack repellent and sunscreen, but not in spray form, remember that this can affect the environment.

  6. Carries multiple bags to safeguard your clothing and electronic devices from possible water damage.

  7. As a tourist, respect, take care of the place and the communities you share it with and enjoy the experience to the fullest!

  8. Avoid practicing indigenous rituals such as yagé if you are not prepared.

  9. Carry a Claro SIM card if you do not want to be incommunicado

  10. Purchase handicrafts and products made by indigenous communities.

    What is the best time to travel to the Amazon?

    Photography: suspension bridge, rainforest, amazon, brazil, Brazil

The best time to travel to the Colombian Amazon depends on your preferences and the activities you wish to do. In general, the Amazon has a humid tropical climate all year round, with high temperatures and significant rainfall. However, there are some considerations you can take into account when planning your trip:

  1. Dry season: The dry season in the Colombian Amazon generally extends from December to March. During this period, rainfall is less frequent and river levels can be lower, making navigation and land excursions easier. In addition, you may encounter fewer mosquitoes and greater visibility for wildlife viewing. Keep in mind, however, that the weather can be equally hot and humid during the dry season.

  2. Rainy season: The rainy season in the Colombian Amazon mainly covers the months of April to November. During this period, rains are more intense and frequent, which can affect outdoor activities and access to some areas. However, this is the time when the Amazon rainforest is at its peak, with lush vegetation and increased wildlife activity. Birds and animals tend to be more active, which can provide unique opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Here we finish our guide to know the wonderful Colombian Amazon, we hope you have enjoyed our content and do not hesitate to visit the best natural paradise in the world.

Leave any questions you may have about this blog in the comments.

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