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Uniq Experiences in Colombia
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You know the second most arid area of Colombia.
Group departure from Pereira from 8 to 11 June.
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From Colombia
The most beauty


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Next departures

February, 2018

22Feb5:19 pm5:19 pmSan Vicente Domingo thermal picnicComprehensive plan so that you can enjoy these natural hot springs

24Feb4:00 am7:00 pmTour to the nevado santa Isabel SábadoCome with us to the snowy, don't miss this experience

24Feb8:30 am5:00 pmPasadía Termales San Vicente SábadoComprehensive plan so that you can enjoy these natural hot springs

25Feb4:00 am7:00 pmTour to the nevado santa Isabel SundayCome with us to the snowy, don't miss this experience

25Feb7:00 pm6:00 pmTour in PANACAPlan with travel expenses and return, entry to the Park, passport unlimited Terra: right to 5 shows and 10 stations themes and lunch.

What to do in Colombia

  • MBT (1)mountain biking

    Mountaineering cycle

    FROM: $224.375

    Live the experience of touring the coffee Cultural landscape by bicycle, you can learn about different wheels landscapes, with routes for all styles and in different climates of the coffee Cultural landscape.

    Open to new routes always.

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  • Park - the cover coffeeNational Coffee Park

    National Coffee Park

    FROM: $62,000

    Among the fields that one day were coffee plantations, is located the national coffee Park, a magical place that combines different spaces where you can enjoy rides, interact with the coffee culture and find a brief review of the history of the coffee in Colombia.

    Experience of multiple sensations leading your adrenaline to the limit, dividing you with the attractions of the Park, enjoying permanent shows, knowing of the Colombian coffee culture, its gastronomy, customs and processes of the grain in Colombia .

    Come and enjoy an amazing, fertile land.

    +57 3024372218

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    Salento-Quindio-2 - 800 × 600Salento-2

    Salento and Valle de Cocora Tour

    FROM: $85.000

    Visit the municipality of Salento in Quindio, one of the typical villages that includes the Declaration of the UNESCO as Cultural heritage of humanity. And you know in the Cocora Valley the national tree of Colombia, the wax Palm.

    Come and puebliemos together!

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  • Thermal-Saint-Vincent (1)Thermal paradise

    San Vicente Thermal

    FROM: $82.500

    In this place in the heart of nature you can enjoy the magical hot springs of the coffee zone, generating a wide connection with nature and with beautiful melodies generated by mother earth.

    Located in Santa Rosa de Cabal, the springs of San Vicente are ideal for the realization of eco-tourism, relaxation and well-being in an environment that will leave you breathless.

    Characteristic of Santa Rosa de Cabal cold contrasts perfectly with the warm springs that always will be considered a natural miracle worthy to know and admire.

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  • Picnic-income-thermal santa rosa of cabalTermales-Santa - Rosa De Cabal (6)

    Thermal Santa Rosa de Cabal picnic

    FROM: $39.900

    Plan picnic you have income to Springs Santa Rosa de Cabal, enjoying the natural environment and the thermal pools; Discover also the waterfall with more than 95 meters of water fall. Ideal experience for those seeking a connection with nature in a harmonious landscape enjoying hot springs.

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    👤 Thermal Santa Rosa de Cabal
    2014-06-05 at 15-13-11Coffee Cultural Landscape

    Tour del Café

    FROM: $78.400

    He lives a day as a real cafetero, pretending to be a collector or a chapolera, a tour guided in the midst of beautiful special coffee plantations. You will learn the process from sowing; the manual selective harvest and depulping; You finalizarás toasting the grains in a bonfire of wood of a traditional peasant House.

    Live coffee, I know a coffee!

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  • Park - of coffeeLaguna del Otún

    Coffee Tour 3 nights 4 days

    FROM: $237.500

    Plan 4 nights 5 days, designed so that you can enjoy all the wonders of coffee Cultural landscape, its culture, its people and cuisine; also you will visit places where you will feel the force of nature as: high mountains, hot springs, nature and adventure, theme parks,

    Welcome to enjoy this spectacular experience with us. Live it now!

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    Ascenso Flota de vehículos vista Nevado Santa IsabelFleet of vehicles seen Nevado Santa Isabel

    Tour Nevado Santa Isabel from Pereira / Manizales

    Valued in 4.54 5
    FROM: $179.900

    With our experience of high mountain Nevado de Santa Isabel, you will have the opportunity to interact with some of the ancient glaciers of Colombia. A unique ecosystem in the Cordillera de los Andes, prone to disappearing due to global warming. Come and discover a destination endangered!

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