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23 Best Place to Visit Colombia: A Traveler’s Guide to Stunning Locations and Experiences

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📅 abril 25, 2024

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Best Place to Visit Colombia, a gem in the heart of South America, is adorned with a mosaic of scenic landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, making it a prime destination for travelers seeking both adventure and tranquility. From the lush green valleys of the coffee region to the pristine beaches of its extensive Caribbean coast, Colombia offers a plethora of destinations that cater to every type of traveler. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best places to visit in Colombia, highlighting the country’s most enchanting spots.

1. Cartagena: A Colonial Marvel

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Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is not just a city but a gateway to Colombia’s rich history and culture. The colonial old town, La Candelaria, is a maze of cobbled streets, colorful houses, and lively plazas, including the famous Plaza de Bolivar. The city walls tell tales of pirates and the Spanish empire, making it a fascinating day trip for history buffs and casual visitors alike.

2. Medellín: The City of Eternal Spring

medellín, colombia, botero

Once known as the world’s most dangerous city, Medellín has transformed into a vibrant metropolis. Visit El Poblado, known for its bustling nightlife and modern restaurants, or take a cable car up to Parque Arví for a stunning view of the city. Don’t miss the Plaza Botero, which displays the iconic sculptures of Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

3. The Coffee Triangle: Colombia’s Coffee Country

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No visit to Colombia is complete without a tour of its famed coffee region. Experience the lush, green mountains of the Cocora Valley, home to the towering wax palms, Colombia’s national tree. Stay in a coffee farm, learn about the coffee-making process, and enjoy fresh coffee every morning amidst breathtaking scenery.

4. Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park: Where the Jungle Meets the Caribbean

tayrona park, scenery, beach

Santa Marta offers a unique blend of historical sites and modern Colombian culture. A short drive away is Tayrona National Park, where you can enjoy secluded beaches and hike through tropical forests to discover indigenous ruins. Don’t miss a chance to relax at Cabo San Juan, a beautiful beach tucked between lush forests and the Caribbean Sea.

5. San Andrés and Providencia Islands: A Caribbean Paradise

colombia, nature, san andres islas

Fly into San Andres Island airport and step into a world of stunning beaches, vibrant marine life, and rich Afro-Caribbean culture. These islands boast some of the world’s greatest marine biodiversity, making them a top spot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

6. The Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida): Trekking Through Ancient Ruins; colombia’s national tree

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For the adventurous, a trek to La Ciudad Perdida is a must. This ancient city, predating Machu Picchu, offers a challenging yet rewarding hike through dense jungle, culminating in spectacular views of the ruins and the surrounding Sierra Nevada.

7. Villa de Leyva: A Time Capsule of the Colonial Era

colombia, villa de leyva, boyacá

This tiny town is one of Colombia’s most beautiful colonial villages. Time seems to stand still in the cobbled streets and whitewashed buildings. Nearby, you can explore fossil museums and the stunning Iguaque National Park.

8. The Tatacoa Desert and the Mystery of the Stars

colombia, tatacoa desert, desert

For something completely different, head to the Tatacoa Desert. Its surreal, arid landscape is perfect for stargazing and enjoying the stark contrast to the lush landscapes found elsewhere in Colombia.

9. San Agustín Archaeological Park: Exploring Pre-Columbian Culture

colombia, san agustín, huila

In southern Colombia, this archaeological park holds the largest collection of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in Latin America. It’s a fascinating day trip for those interested in history and ancient cultures.

10. La Guajira Peninsula: A Desert by the Sea: best place to visit colombia in south america

desert, blue skies, la guajira

This rugged and remote area offers some of the most dramatic landscapes – where the desert meets the sea. Visit the Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas for a taste of the indigenous Wayuu culture and some of the continent’s most beautiful sunsets.

Whether you’re exploring the stunning beaches, the historic centers, or the lush green valleys, Colombia offers an unparalleled blend of beauty, history, and adventure. Each destination offers unique experiences that cater to different interests, from luxury hotels to backpacker hostels, ensuring that every traveler finds their perfect getaway. So pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable journey to the best places to visit in Colombia!

11. Cocora Valley: A Lush Green Wonderland

colombia, el bosque de palmas, palm trees

In the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, the Cocora Valley is a must-visit in Colombia for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes. Home to the tallest palm trees in the world, this lush green valley offers breathtaking views and fantastic opportunities for hiking and horseback riding. A day trip here can be combined with visits to local coffee farms, where you can learn about coffee production and sample some of the world’s best coffee.

12. Bogotá: The Vibrant Capital City

colombia, bogota, city

Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, is rich in culture and history. The historic center, known as La Candelaria, is within walking distance of the iconic Gold Museum and Plaza Bolivar. Explore the city centre for its street art and visit the bustling Zona Rosa for dining and nightlife. Don’t miss the cable cars that take you up to Monserrate for a panoramic view of the city.

13. La Guajira: Desert Meets the Caribbean

la guajira, nature, kids

La Guajira, a peninsula in the north of Colombia, offers a dramatic contrast of desert landscapes and Caribbean coastline. Visit Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas for a taste of indigenous Wayuu culture and stunning white sand beaches. This remote area is perfect for those looking to experience a rugged, less commercialized side of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

14. San Agustín: Dive into Pre-Colombian Mysteries

colombia, san agustín, huila

The San Agustín Archaeological Park features the largest collection of religious monuments in South America. It’s an essential visit in Colombia for anyone interested in ancient histories and cultures. This small city is also a gateway to exploring nearby archaeological sites and engaging with the area’s rich indigenous heritage.

15. The Pacific Coast: Colombia’s Untamed Paradise

ocean, sea, coast

Colombia’s Pacific Ocean coastline is one of the country’s most pristine and untouched areas, ideal for nature lovers. Engage in whale watching, boat trips, and explore the lush rainforests. The region is also renowned for its Afro-Colombian culture, offering a unique blend of traditions, music, and cuisine.

16. Medellín’s Comuna 13: Transformation through Art

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Once considered a perilous area, Comuna 13 in Medellín has transformed into a vibrant community full of life and color, largely due to its dynamic street art scene. Guided city tours provide insights into the community’s past struggles and current revival, making it a symbol of resilience and transformation.

17. The Tatacoa Desert: Colombia’s Red and Grey Wonderland

Not far from the Huila region, the Tatacoa Desert offers spectacular landscapes of red and grey dry forests. It’s a stark contrast to the lush green valleys found elsewhere in Colombia and provides excellent conditions for stargazing and geological explorations.

tatacoa desert, desert, landscape

18. Popayán: The White City of the South

colombia, popayán, cathedral

Known as the «White City,» Popayán is one of South America’s oldest and most well-preserved colonial cities. Wander through the tranquil streets, visit numerous churches and museums, and enjoy the local cuisine that reflects a blend of indigenous and Spanish influences.

19. San Gil: Colombia’s Adventure Capital

colombia, santander, nature

For thrill-seekers, San Gil is the adventure capital of Colombia. Engage in rafting, mountain biking, and paragliding. This small town also serves as a base for exploring nearby natural wonders such as the Chicamocha Canyon and Barichara, the «prettiest village in Colombia.»

20. Ciudad Perdida (Lost City): Trekking to the Forgotten City

sunset, santa marta, colombia

Ciudad Perdida offers an unforgettable adventure through dense jungle to the ruins of an ancient city older than Machu Picchu. This challenging trek is a highlight for many travelers and provides a profound insight into Colombia’s ancient civilizations.

These places to visit in Colombia showcase the immense diversity and cultural richness of this stunning country. From the depths of ancient ruins to the peaks of its mountain ranges, and from its vibrant city centres to the tranquil coffee plantations, Colombia promises a myriad of experiences that cater to all tastes and interests. Whether you spend a few days or several weeks, each destination offers a unique glimpse into the heart of South America.

21. El Poblado, Medellín: Urban Sophistication

colombia, medellin, landscape

El Poblado is one of Medellín’s most upscale areas, known for its vibrant nightlife, sophisticated restaurants, and boutique shops. This neighborhood exemplifies the city’s urban renewal, with its lush green spaces and modern conveniences, all set against a backdrop of the Andean mountain range.

22. San Diego Neighborhood, Cartagena: Colonial Charm and Culture

colombia, cartagena, city

In the heart of Cartagena, the San Diego area is famed for its charming colonial architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Explore quaint streets lined with artisanal shops, and don’t miss the chance to experience local cuisine and dance at one of the city’s many dance schools.

23. La Candelaria, Bogotá: The Cultural Heart of the Capital

colombia, bogota, la candelaria

In Bogotá, La Candelaria is the historic and cultural heart of the city, featuring colonial buildings, museums, and the iconic Gold Museum. Take a cable car up to Monserrate Hill for panoramic views of the city, or enjoy a leisurely afternoon wandering through the district’s many art galleries and cafes.

24. Isla Gorgona: Colombia’s Isolated Island Paradise

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Once a prison island, Isla Gorgona is now a national park that offers a unique mix of history and natural beauty. This isolated island on the Pacific coast is a sanctuary for wildlife, including monkeys, snakes, and an abundance of marine life, making it an ideal spot for eco-tourists and nature lovers.

Each of these destinations in Colombia offers its own unique charm and adventure, from the historical streets of La Candelaria to the untouched natural beauty of Isla Gorgona. Whether you’re seeking a deep dive into the country’s rich coffee culture or looking to unwind on secluded beaches, Colombia’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities offer something for every traveler.

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